Yama uboad – The white hairy toad

Yama uboad – The white hairy toad



“Yama-Ubaud is a white-haired toad hidden in our stories. You can also find him in our activity books and in an upcoming adventure.

Yama-Ubaud is Yama-Uba. Yama-Ubaud is the witch Yama-Uba transformed into a white-haired toad. This toad is as ugly as the Japanese witch, and has long white hair.

Yama-Uba – The Japanese Witch

Yama-Uba, also known as Yamamba, comes from Japanese mythology. She is the witch of the mountains who can transform into an old or a beautiful young woman. She can also transform into a very ugly toad.

Yama-Uba is the aunt of the young witch Arabelle. The old white-haired witch knows the best recipes and magical formulas.

The Japanese witch and her toad regularly appear in stories, possessing supernatural powers.

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Why is Yama-Ubaud so ugly?

The toad Yama-Ubaud is ugly. He has a nose full of warts, and his green skin will make any child pale. His diet consists of earthworms that he will find to satisfy his hunger. The toad’s long white hair gives him a strange and menacing look. We wonder what story he is hiding. The toad’s large globular eyes may give him a friendly look, but he cannot be trusted, as Yama-Ubaud is the witch Yama-Uba transformed into a toad. The old Japanese witch has the gift of transformation. She can transform into a human form, but also into this repugnant animal. The Japanese witch rarely takes this animal form, but she knows how to use this transformation ability wisely. You can discover the stories of this animal in our illustrated tales. Yama-Ubaud, like the other animals, is also hiding in all the illustrations of the stories.

He participates in the animals’ hide and seek and manages to sneak into at least one drawing in each story. So, look for him! To avoid him tricking you.

What care for white or gray hair?

Just ask him. But I’m not sure the answer will be what you expect. He knows many magical recipes based on earthworms that keep him in shape and allow him to keep eternal youth.

The white-haired toad

The white-haired toad was a very rare and strange animal. It was said to be able to talk, walk on two legs, and even practice magic. It was a very intelligent and curious animal, spending its time studying and learning new things.

The white-haired toad lived in a small pond in the middle of the forest. It was a quiet and peaceful place where you could hear the birds singing and the leaves rustling in the wind. The toad loved this place and spent long hours meditating and reflecting.

The white hair of the toad was a very rare and precious feature. It was said that this hair was a sign of great wisdom and magical power. The people of the village often came to ask for advice from the toad, knowing that it was very wise and always had good answers to their questions.”

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