Cuty – The little Mouse

Cuty – The little Mouse

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Cutie is our little thieving mouse. You can find her in our illustrations as well as in our activity books.

She is a little scared of Lustucru the cat, but are they not friends after all? Lustucru – The cat

Cutie is a cute and kind little mouse. She has a soft and silky coat, golden in color, with pretty little bright and curious eyes. Her long, fine and neat whiskers constantly tremble as if she is breathing through them. Cutie is very curious and full of energy, and she loves to go on adventures and explore new places. She is always ready to help her friends and support them, and she is highly appreciated by all the animals in the forest.

Cutie has a cozy and comfortable little nest in a hole in the stump of an old tree, where she likes to snuggle up and rest. She also has a secret hiding place in the leaves of a bush, where she hides her treasures and little treasures. Cutie is very organized and neat, and she takes great care of her nest and hiding place by regularly tidying and cleaning them.

Cutie is a very greedy little mouse and loves to snack on small grains and dried fruits. She loves nibbling on wheat and hazelnuts, and she always has a small reserve of provisions in her hiding place. She is also very skilled at finding good pieces of cheese and nuts, which she often finds in human homes.

Cutie is a very endearing little mouse who is very attached to her friends. She is very affectionate and cuddly, and she loves to spend time snuggling up in the arms of her friends and receiving caresses. She is very timid and shy around big animals, but she is always ready to be brave and protect her friends in case of danger. She is a very kind and generous mouse, and everyone loves her a lot.

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