Lucky – The cat

Lucky – The cat

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Find Lucky the cat in our many stories, he’s hiding in our illustrations. Additionally, he’s also present in our activity books.

Lucky loves to tease the flying broom of our young witch Arabella.

The cat is a friend of Fido the dog. They can be a little mischievous, but they still love each other.

We even wonder if he might also be friends with our little mouse Mimie.

Lucky is a hero cat from children’s tales known for being kind and affectionate. He has a soft and silky fur and likes to spend time grooming himself to be impeccable. Although he is generally very well-behaved, Lucky sometimes tends to be a little mischievous and make mistakes. He loves playing with his friends and strolling in the gardens to chase butterflies and birds. He’s also very curious and likes to explore new places and discover new things. Lucky is an affectionate and devoted cat who loves spending time with his loved ones and protecting them. He’s a loyal companion who’s always ready to offer a cuddle or support to those he loves.

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