Pixie – The flea

Pixie – The flea



Pixel the flea is the insect present on every page of our stories. But you can also find her in our activity and coloring books.

Pixel hides everywhere in the books. You’ll have to find her in all the illustrations. She plays with the spider Wistitie to see if you can find her last!

Have you been lied to? Is the flea not on every page? But she is, look carefully! If you need glasses, maybe read with fresh eyes when reading with your children.

She’ll drive you crazy if you can’t find her.

A kind little flea is a creature in children’s stories that is usually depicted as very affectionate and caring. She is often portrayed as very small and graceful, with small pointed ears and long slender legs. She has soft, silky gray fur. The kind little flea is generally very curious and will love exploring her environment, but she is also very kind and will enjoy spending time with her friends and family. She is often depicted as being very intelligent and perceptive, and she is able to solve puzzles and find creative solutions to problems. The kind little flea is a very endearing and loved creature.

Here’s a story with Pixel and Wistitie!

One day, the flea Pixel and the spider Wistitie decided to go on an adventure in the attic of the house. They climbed up a dusty shelf and began to explore the old boxes and objects that had been forgotten for years.

Suddenly, Pixel spotted something shining in a corner. She rushed over to get a better look and discovered an old kind doll, covered in dust.

“Oh, Wistitie! Look!” exclaimed Pixel. “This doll looks so kind! I’m sure she has a beautiful story to tell.”

Wistitie frowned. “I don’t know, Pixel. She looks a bit scary. And she’s covered in dust. We don’t know what could be hiding underneath.”

But Pixel was determined. She took the doll and began to clean her carefully. Gradually, the doll regained her appearance from before, with her rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes.

“Look, Wistitie! She’s so beautiful now!” exclaimed Pixel, delighted. “I’m sure she has a beautiful story to tell.”

Wistitie shrugged. “If you say so. But I’m not sure I want to hear it.”

Pixel didn’t let herself be discouraged and began to ask the doll questions. She then learned that the doll’s name was Lily and that she had been very loved by her little girl in the past. But one day, the little girl had grown up and decided to give her doll to her cousin. Since then, Lily had remained in the attic, forgotten by all.

Pixel was touched by Lily’s story and decided to give her a prominent place in the house. She and Wistitie found a nice cushion for the doll and set her up comfortably in the living room.

Lily was delighted with her new life and thanked Pixel and Wistitie for their kindness. The three friends spent many hours playing and telling stories, and became the best of friends.

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