Puffy – The puffer fish

Puffy – The puffer fish



Puffy is our pufferfish. Find him in all our stories as well as in our activity books.

Puffy is the hero of our book: Puffy and the recipe for dorado mille-feuille

Puffy loves to help his friends. So when Maki and Sushi are captured by the witch Arabella.

Arabella and the recipe for sushi

He answers Katie’s call and sets out to save his friends.

Maki and Sushi – The two fish

Puffy is a chubby and round pufferfish, with a beautiful blue coat and pink and ruffled fins. He has big, round, and expressive eyes, and a kind smile that never leaves his face. Puffy is a very nice and attentive fish who likes to take care of his friends and family. He spends his time exploring the ocean depths, discovering new plants, and having fun with his playmates. Puffy is loved by all the inhabitants of the ocean because he is always ready to help and offer support. He is a very brave and loyal hero, and everyone admires him a lot.

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