Peekaboo – The turtle

Peekaboo – The turtle



Quasimodo is the turtle from “Contes Dessinés”. You can find her in our stories as well as in our activity books.

Quasimodo doesn’t like her name. She prefers her friends to call her “Dodo”. Her name, Quasimodo, reminds her that she is hunchbacked like the famous character from Notre-Dame de Paris. She likes to sunbathe and it is probably how her nickname was born.

Quasimodo the turtle hides in books and loves to play in tall grass. Animal Hide-and-Seek Solution – Arabelle and the Recipe for Sushi Rolls

Quasimodo is the hunchback of our stories. She likes to nap, but not on her back. Forget her name Quasimodo, if you want to be her friend. Otherwise, she will be upset with you. Just call her Dodo, and if the turtle is not sleeping, she will respond.

Quasimodo was a small hunchbacked turtle that was found by the publishers of Contes Dessinés when she was still very young. They were so touched by her small size and hump on her back that they decided to give her the name Quasimodo, in reference to the famous character from Notre-Dame de Paris.

Quasimodo did not like her name and preferred her friends to call her Dodo. She felt that her name reminded her too much of her hump and wanted to be treated like any other turtle. Despite this, she was very attached to her friends from Contes Dessinés and enjoyed spending time with them, whether napping in the sun or playing in the tall grass.

Quasimodo was a very secretive turtle and liked to hide in books, especially those that talked about adventures. She loved to read and dreamed of going on an adventure one day, like her fairy tale heroes. But for now, she was happy to stay in her little corner of paradise, surrounded by her friends and favorite books.

If you want to be friends with Quasimodo, it is important not to forget her name. Just call her Dodo and she will respond with a little joyful squeak. But if you call her Quasimodo, she may not be very happy and may hold a grudge against you. So, remember: Dodo is Quasimodo the turtle’s name of friendship!

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