Dada hippo – Katia’s lovey

Dada hippo – Katia’s lovey



Papa Hippo is well-known for chasing the meanest monsters by jumping on them and crushing them. Kind and caring, he is the perfect stuffed animal to fall asleep with.

He is fond of food and loves all the recipes Katia makes for him. His favorite fruit is, of course, apples. The dessert he loves the most is sweet crepes, especially with applesauce.

Papa Hippo loves adventures. He has plenty of friends among all the other animals, who love his protective presence. Both soft and comforting, he will put children to sleep by resting their heads on his plump and soft belly.

You can find Papa Hippo in the animal hide-and-seek of each book. He sleeps in Katia’s bed or on the couch every night.

However, he also likes to go eat apples at Papa Farid’s grocery store.

If bedtime is a bit challenging, all it takes is to give him a hug. It’s like a real hippopotamus, or almost. But in any case, he is very fond of food.

Papa Hippo is a very special hippopotamus stuffed animal. He is a gentle and affectionate animal who loves hugs and kisses. But he also has a big appetite and enjoys eating delicious apples and tasty apple pies. He is also very fond of crepes, which he devours with pleasure.

Papa Hippo is a very brave and protective animal. He dislikes monsters and cannot stand anyone hurting his friends. When he sees a monster approaching, he doesn’t waste time and rushes to chase it away. He jumps on the monster and scares it off with his big teeth.

Despite his bravery, Papa Hippo is, above all, a very kind and caring animal. He likes taking care of his friends and providing them with everything they need. If someone feels sad or unhappy, he quickly offers them a comforting hug and sings a gentle lullaby.

He is very appreciated by all the forest animals. He is always ready to help and be of service, and everyone knows they can count on him in any situation. He is a very loved and respected animal, and everyone wishes to have a hippopotamus stuffed animal like him.

One day, a group of monsters decided to attack Papa Hippo and harm him. They hid behind the trees and waited for him to pass by. But Papa Hippo was too clever to fall into their trap. He sensed their presence and rushed towards them growling. The monsters panicked and ran away.

Since that day, Papa Hippo has become a legend in the forest, and everyone has learned to respect and fear him. He is a very powerful and feared animal, but also very loved and admired. Anyone who has the chance to meet him will remember him forever.

A little food break with Ouaf? Papa Hippo and Ouaf were two very close friends. They lived in a child’s bedroom and spent their time playing and having fun together.

One day, Papa Hippo woke up with a wolfish appetite. “Oh my, Ouaf!” he exclaimed. “I’m so hungry I could eat a hippopotamus! Aren’t you hungry too?”

Ouaf licked his lips. “You bet! I’m always hungry! But what could we eat?”

Papa Hippo thought for a moment. “I know! Let’s go to the kitchen and see what we can find. I love apples, and you like sausages, don’t you?”

Ouaf leapt for joy. “Yes, that’s it! Let’s go!”

The two friends set off for the kitchen. They climbed onto the counter and started rummaging through the cabinets and fridge. Soon, they found everything they were looking for: a beautiful red apple for Papa Hippo and a crispy sausage for Ouaf.

They sat down at the kitchen table and started eating hungrily. Papa Hippo bit into his apple with delight, while Ouaf devoured his sausage in a few bites.

“Mmm, this is delicious!” exclaimed Papa Hippo. “I’m glad we found something to eat.”

Ouaf licked his lips. “Me too! And what if we took a little food break every day? It would make me very happy!”

Papa Hippo smiled. “Why not? That’s a great idea! We could even invite other friends to join us. What do you think?”

Ouaf rubbed his belly. “I’m in! And what if we had a big food party tonight? We could invite all our friends and eat lots of yummy things!”

Papa Hippo and Ouaf spent the rest of the day preparing their big food party. They invited all their friends and prepared a multitude of delicious dishes. They spent a wonderful evening eating and laughing.

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