Chirpy – The bird

Chirpy – The bird



Contes Dessinés presents Piou-Piou the little bird. This animal is known to be the main character of “Piou-Piou and the Lemon Tart Recipe”. You can find your hero in the drawing book related to the story as well as in our numerous exercise books.

Piou-Piou doesn’t like Maria the air witch too much because their first encounter wasn’t very successful. However, he will be able to recover from this mishap by sharing with you the recipe for lemon tart. An easy cake to make with all the steps explained in the book in which he is the hero.

Piou-Piou is friends with Boubou the DIY owl, who lives in Katia’s attic.



Piou-Piou and the Lemon Tart Recipe You can also find the little bird in the drawing book related to the story or in our numerous exercise books available. Drawing book – Piou-Piou and the Lemon Tart Recipe

“Pioupiou” is an onomatopoeia for the sound of a chick’s cry. Piou-Piou is a childlike designation for all birds. But it’s also the name of our hero.

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