Dianavella – The elder witch

Dianavella – The elder witch

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The old witch is Arabella mother. Arabella – The young witch

She lives in the witches’ house, a house that everyone thinks is haunted because it is scary just to look at it.

No one really knew how Dianavella got there or how long she had been living in that house. Some said she had been there for centuries, and that her magic had kept her alive well beyond the normal age of death. Others claimed that she had arrived recently, attracted by the occult forces that were present in the area. Whatever the case, everyone agreed on one thing: Dianavella was a powerful and feared witch.

It was said that Dianavella’s house was haunted by many spirits. Strange voices and strange noises could be heard coming from it at night, and it was rumored that ghosts sometimes appeared at the windows or in the dark corridors of the house. But Dianavella didn’t seem to be afraid of these spirits. She was said to be able to communicate with them and control them at will.

The people of the village were afraid of Dianavella and her haunted house. They avoided getting too close to it and never spoke to her, afraid of attracting her wrath or falling under her spells. Only a few brave souls dared to venture near her house, but they never stayed long. Most of the time, they ran away, terrified by what they had seen or heard.

Despite her reputation, Dianavella led a solitary life in her haunted house. She was said to be very busy practicing magic and studying old grimoires. She never left the village and never received any visitors. Only her cats and crows kept her company, and it was said that she had learned to speak their language.

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