Naya – The ventriloquist witch

Naya – The ventriloquist witch

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Naya the ventriloquist witch, pay attention to her lips to know whether she is skilled or not. Find her soon in one of our stories that promises to be funny. See you soon!

The book will feature our gourmet hero who loves apple compote pancakes: Dada Hippo.

Naya was a wicked Breton witch feared by all. She was known for her black magic and evil spells, and she did not hesitate to use her powers to harm those who stood in her way.

But what made Naya even more terrifying was her ability to be a ventriloquist. She could imitate any voice and make any object or animal speak, which allowed her to deceive and manipulate people very skillfully.

Naya lived in a sinister castle perched on a cliff above the sea. It was said that the castle was haunted by the spirits of the witch’s victims, and that strange noises and bizarre apparitions escaped from it at night.

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