Arabog – The Hairy frog

Arabog – The Hairy frog

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Arabog  is our favorite frog! This little frog with hair resembles our young witch Arabelle. Discover her secrets in “Chirpy and the recipe for lemon tart,” you’ll be surprised. You can also find her in activity books and search for her in our stories.

Arabog is the frog form of the young witch Arabella.

Arabella – The Young Witch

The story of the frog with hair comes from ancient African tales. More recently adopted by storytellers, the origin of the witch is lost in ancient stories. The frog and Arabelle are one and the same character.

How to take care of long hair?

It’s not a question a frog often asks herself. But, you may ask, how does a frog with hair manage to style it? It’s a long story that you’ll have to discover in our adventures. She must know how to do it, but she especially knows how to cast spells. And it’s not our poor bird Chirpy who will say otherwise. He would have loved to remain in love with this frog.

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