Boo-Boo – The owl

Boo-Boo – The owl

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Boubou is the handy owl in our stories. You can find him in “Piou-Piou and the recipe for lemon tart”. He plays an important role in the story and you can also spot him in our activity books.

With some nails or strings, Boubou the owl will make you whatever you need. Safe in his attic, he has a well-equipped workshop. He’s a genius handyman. We don’t really know if Boubou sleeps during the day or at night. It seems like he’s always fixing something. He takes special care of his roof because he doesn’t like water leaks during storms.

With used materials, he can make you brand new kitchen utensils! Always full of good advice, he also knows how to listen and suggest ideas to get out of any situation.

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