Espanta – The Scarecrow

Espanta – The Scarecrow



Espanta is a scarecrow who will be present in an upcoming adventure!

He may look a bit scary, but ultimately he helps our adventurers. Never far from Miraude, he always warns of danger.

Moby – The Mole

Once upon a time, in a small farm, there was a scarecrow named Espanta. Eustache was different from the other scarecrows because he was very kind and loved helping people.

One day, the farmer needed some help harvesting his vegetables. Espanta, who couldn’t move from his field, decided to ask his bird friends for help. He asked them if they could go pick the vegetables for him and they enthusiastically agreed.

The birds got to work and picked all the vegetables for the farmer. Espanta was so happy to be able to help in this way and the farmer was very grateful.

In this way, Espanta became a very useful scarecrow on the farm and everyone loved him. Even the birds often came to visit him and spend time with him in his field.

Espanta was happy to live on the farm and to be able to help people in this way. That’s how he became the kindest scarecrow of all time.

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