Moby – The mole

Moby – The mole

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Miraude the mole intervenes in the story of “Arabelle and the Maki Recipe” by helping her in her search.

Drawing notebook – Arabelle and the Maki Recipe.

Miraude the Mole is an excellent cook and has a well-stocked kitchen with equipment and ingredients. A gourmet and fine cook, she knows a lot of recipes. Thoughtful and cultured, she loves sharing good meals with her friends.

Impossible to get rid of, Miraude is not a pest. By discovering her universe, you will learn to love being with her. Often in her field or in her garden, she has dug a comfortable house to live in with a large kitchen.

As the first to test the recipes, she will bring the missing ingredients that she keeps in small, tightly closed jars.

Attracted to gardening, she cultivates a vegetable garden and doesn’t like it when other greedy animals come to steal her vegetables. Snug in her burrow, she will introduce you to recipes adapted to winter and summer times.

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